Classic Korma

Coconut based very mild dishes.

Tikka Masala

Chicken strips cooked in almond,coconut, tomato puree and yoghurt.

Chicken Rezala

Shredded tandoori chicken cooked in mince meat based thick sauce.

Price: £7.95


Cooked in ginger, capsicum,tomatoes, onions, green chillis and spices.

Tandoori Mixed Korai

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and kufta kebab cooked with a special blend of korai sauce.

Price: £7.95

Mustard Prawn Masala

Mustard flavored curry in a thick sauce (Medium hot, Bhuna style)

Price: £7.95

Chicken Bombay

Slice of chicken tikka cooked with boiled egg.

Price: £7.95

Majadar Chicken

Shredded chicken cooked bhuna style and garnished with boiled egg.

Price: £7.95


A simple and mouth watering dish with a lovely dick creamy sauce garnished with butter.

Garlic Chilli

Cooked in a highly spiced sauce, enriched with dry onion, green chillis and fried garlic.


Diced chicken or lamb cooked with ginger, tomatoes, capsicum & onions.


Mango flavoured dish cooked in nut based sauce.


Cooked in almond, coconut & yoghurt.


Cooked with a blend of chillis, garlic, tamarind, tomatoes and mustard seed to produce a unique sweet & sour flavour- Delicious.

Chom Chom Chicken

Chicken cooked in our home made mild sauce.

Price: £7.95

Chicken Kabuli

Chicken cooked in our home made mild Kabuli sauce.

Price: £7.95

Murghi Masala

On the bone tandoori chicken cooked with minced meat.

Price: £7.95

Garlic Chicken

Diced chicken tikka cooked with strong garlic flavoured bhuna sauce

Price: £7.95

Chicken Tikka Methi Korai

Fenugreek flavoured curry.

Price: £7.95

Akbari Khana

Cooked with keema, chickpeas and boiled egg.

Price: £7.95

Chicken Tikka Naga Masala

Vindaloo hot curry with Thick Sauce

Price: £7.95

Lamb Naga Masala

Vindaloo hot curry with thick sauce

Price: £7.95