Onion Bhaji

The bhajia or bhaji comprises sliced or chopped ingredient mixed into a batter and deep fried.

Price: £2.40


Crispy fried triangular shaped puff pastry filled generously with spiced chicken, lamb mince or mixed vegetable.

Shami kebab

Composed of a small patty of mince meat, with ground chick peas, egg to hold it together and spices.

Price: £2.95

Mixed Starters

Chicken tikka, onion bhaji, samosa and kufta kebab.

Price: £4.75

Chicken Tikka Kebab

Sliced chicken tikka, stir fried with onions,then wrapped in nan bread.

Price: £4.75

Chicken Chaat Puree

Sliced chicken tikka in tangy chaat masala sauce. Served on crispy fried purees.

Price: £3.95

Chicken Pakora

Fresh chicken mixed into batter, then deep fried.

Price: £3.20

Prawn Puree

Prawn cooked in our bhuna sauce served with fried puree bread.

Price: £3.95

Garlic Fried Prawn

Tiger prawns marinated with garlic, crushed peppercorns, and lime juice and fried with cornflour.

Price: £3.75

King Prawn Butterfly

Giant prawn from the Bay of Bengal, battered and deep fried.

Price: £4.50

Veg Tikka

Chicken Tikka stir fried with mixed vegetables

Price: £3.95